About Us

Medaland builds around the philosophy, with year’s overseas experience and value concepts of working with world class companies, General Motors, General Electric, IBM, HP, and Dell.

We concentrate on IT service delivery mainly in China and expand to the other areas. We believe our mature solutions and customer satisfaction are depended on our team work, professional qualities, and accumulation of our expertise, knowledge and experience.

We see as what our customers see, value what our customers’ value. Knowing our customers’ concerns, make sure they acknowledge our sincere care and how we add value in.

Medaland draws the roadmap for engineers to be the best of IT support professionals, by ensuring their improvement and joy at work, and building a stronger team thereafter.

Medaland consistently delivers high-performance business results as a supplier to global companies, as a partner to mid-market regional IT companies, and as a solution provider directly to governments and industry-leading companies across sectors.


A helpful, cheerful and magnificent team


Add in value by sharing our expertise and experiences


  • Customer First
    We think as customers first, see as what our customers see, value what our customers’ value, knowing our customers’ concerns.
  • Passions
    Enthusiastic about new challenges.
    Overcome our fears and transmit our energy to others.
  • Synergy
    Maintain consistence and synchronization
  • Openness
    Remain open when interacting with people without holding what we think and feel. The more self-recognized we are, the more clearly we can realize our preferences, fears, and resistance to change. This way we can build more effective relationships.
  • Commitment
    Commit to keep all our promises responsibly and with discipline, making sure all needs to fulfill our commitment.
  • Tenacity
    With a tireless spirit, we are upbeat that sooner or later we will be there.
  • Optimistic
    Enjoy work we do and become good at it.
  • Self-improve
    Understand that we can always do better and know how-to.
  • Meticulous
    Mind the details.
    Know where to consider redundancy.
  • Mature
    Always respect policies and procedures as same as expertise and experience. Be professional from start to the end of completion.