Products and Services

IT Infrastructure

  1. Local On-site Technical Support
    • Respond to a request via phone or email within an hour
    • Dispatch Field Engineers to arrive customer sites within 4 hours for service requests
    • Escalation map and management for service assurance
    • Provide information gathered on site
    • Perform as per instructions given remotely
    • Troubleshoot problems
    • Report the result before leaving the site
  2. Warehousing, Inventory and Local Parts Sourcing

    Greater China wide

  3. End User Computing
    • Service Desk support
      • Shared Service Desk
      • Dedicated Service Desk
    • Managed Desktop Support
      • Desk Side Support
      • Office Application
      • Operating System
      • Laptop/Desktop/Tablet PC
      • Anti-Virus and Security
      • Application Client Side Support
    • Office Automation Support
    • Video Conference
    • Smart phone/mobile terminal
    • Copier/Printer/Scanner/FAX machine maintenance
    • Data Backup and Recovery
    • Virus protection and removal
  4. System Administration
    • Server Administration
      • Wintel
      • Linux/Unix
      • AIX
    • Mail System Administration
      • Exchange
      • Domino
    • System Monitor
      • Monitoring: DB, Application, storage, backup, net flow etc.
  5. Network Administration
    • Data and Voice Network audit and analysis
    • Documentation, messaging, network connectivity
  6. IT Asset Management and Procurement
    • IT Equipment/Consumable Procurement
    • IT Asset Administration
    • IT Asset Management Consulting
  7. Data Center Maintenance
    • IMAC - Install/Move/Add/Change in DC environment
    • Hardware health and operation monitoring
    • System and Equipment performance monitoring

ITIL/ITSM Consulting

We help customer and IT industry’s enterprise to master the methodology of IT service and system operation.

Based on the enterprise culture, organization chart, management processes, and ITIL/ITSM principle to plan and implement IT Service Management, which can organize the resources of manpower, technologies and processes, and cover the whole life cycle of an IT system.

Via training, consulting, planning and implementation, we will help customers to setup their processes of service level management, availability management, service continuity management, capability management, finance management, incident management, problem management, change management, configuration management, and release management, and build their management platform, reduce customer’s total cost, increase performance, and enhance core competitiveness.

IT Project Management / Supervision

Assist customer to draft their project plan, design, deploy and supervise new projects.


  • Infrastructure/architecture consulting and design, capacity analysis and plan
  • Load balance design and implementation
  • Redundancy design and implementation
  • Application integration and integration test
  • Infrastructure design and implementation

Software Development, Application Deployment/Implementation

We are capable to carry out demand analysis, architecture design, coding, testing, installation, debugging, upgrade, migration, consolidation, optimization and so on.

Database Management

Provide daily check, optimization, disaster recovery, data migration , system upgrade.

HR Outsourcing

Midalan offers a variety of HR Outsourcing services designed to satisfy your recruitment and project needs. We draw upon our experience in the IT industry to provide you with appropriate HR solutions.

  1. Recruitment Services
    Midalan will assist you in determining the exact IT requirements that must be fulfilled, creating a desired position profile that will clearly define your company's specific IT needs. You will have access to our candidates, and we will screen appropriate candidates based on qualifications, experience, HR feedback, and any other specific requests that are essential to finding the appropriate fit for both your IT needs and your office environment.
  2. Secondment Services
    In situations where a company has a limited-range IT need, such as a specific project with a defined timeline, or there is an unexpected short-term need that arises, or any other situation where it may be advantageous, Midalan’s secondment services has the advantages in the short term, such as having the expertise of an IT professional without many of the HR responsibilities, savings in overall costs and expenses, being able to re-focus internal staff on key business tasks and operations, having fresh external input and knowledge on trends and technology, and many more.

Finance/Accounting/Audit Outsourcing

  1. Payment Collection
    As you know, all companies or entities in China would expect billing to China locally and need Fa Piao (commercial voucher in China) to be handed in before processing payment.
    Midalan will help you to issue Fa Piao to your clients in China, handle withhold tax issues, and process relevant payment to your vendors thereafter.
  2. Accounting Outsourcing
    Combining with HR outsourcing, as there are many intelligent and professional accountants in China who can work at a much lower rate, Midalan can help you to re-sort out the existing accounting processes and seek for a better solution.
  3. Audit Outsourcing
    Midalan can assist in local to audit your branches, partners, resellers, or other entities, to generate the documentations and reports of the audit result.